Why Should You Work With Me?

A real estate investor myself, I fully understand the unique needs of individuals who want to invest in residential and commercial properties.

I moved my retirement money to a Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account (SDIRA) in 2015 and started buying real estate. I purchased several rental properties which are reliably delivering monthly income to grow my retirement account year after year. Additionally, I have done fix and flips and acquired investment properties with funds outside my IRA.

I fell in love with so many aspects of the business! Taking an unloved property and turning it into a home where a family wants to live...mentoring other investors and sharing what I learned...going to meet-ups and learning more...Wow, it's a good life! 

I chose to become a Realtor so I could help others meet their goals and enjoy the journey. Whether it's helping investors confidently and successfully invest in rentals, helping current homeowners sell for the highest price the market will bear or helping buyers find a home where they can build equity as they raise families, I love this business and I love serving clients by adding value.

Whether you are just getting started, don’t know where to start, or already have a portfolio of real estate investments, I’ll put my personal “boots on the ground” experience, honed skills, education and business acumen from 25+ years in corporate America to work for you.  Let’s talk!


Ruth Lyons
Ruth Lyons
5850 Waterloo Road Suite 140 Columbia MD 21045